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   After three years of construction, the countrys largest urban area sponges pilot areas - Shanghai Lingang area, sponge construction pilot project completed, ongoing lessons learned in preparation for final acceptance.

   Right now, the port has built a complete set of city planning and construction of systems of control sponge, and built a complete sponge including river and lake water and other blue-green sponges and large roads, residential and other small sponge including.

   Harbor pilot area has been built on 26 residential quarters were sponges transformation, transformation of cells with a total area of 鈥嬧€?00 hectares, has been completed. The new real estate development projects should be designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the sponge urban construction.



the construction of rain gardens



After the completion of the rain garden

   a variety of technical measures after elimination on the spot of rain

   before the renovation and transformation, not what can be described. Municipal General Hospital Research Institute, sponge City Technical Research Center Assistant Director Lvyong Peng told reporters, before urban renewal sponge, where the district has built widespread rain and sewage mixed access, easy to water in some areas and other issues.

   The cell sponge construction process, according to different sources of roof rainwater, road and parking spaces rainwater runoff rainwater to be distinguished, according to local conditions selection rain gardens, flower beds high, permeable paving, underground reserve purification facilities, etc. all kinds of technical measures sponge and combinations thereof, in place of rainwater consumptive and purification, not only solved the district roads or parking damage, easy to water problems in some areas, and can reduce the emission peak periods of rainfall to the area outside the storm sewer water, effectively reduce the downstream discharge pressure.

   "sponge interaction of various facilities so that the cell can be like a sponge absorbing water, water, water." Lvyong Peng said. To rain gardens, for example, it is a special structure of the lower part of the upper vegetated green sponge facility, usually set in low-lying Landmark, buildings, roads on both sides, for consumptive road roof rainwater runoff and rain. Greater rainfall, runoff when the pavement, rainwater can enter the garden through a special set of inlet, then overflow rain gardens beyond regulation and storage capacity into the storm sewer, so that when it rains the water will not accumulate on the road, too at the same time it does not enter the storm sewer, but scattered throughout the local solutions, less the last out of the water is clear of. High flower beds and other facilities sponge also has some flood storage volume, but also to disperse rain consumptive part of a similar principle.



permeable pavement

   so that rain water quickly into the permeable pavement surface

   pilot port area, with its new, remodeled sponge type a total of 36 kilometers of road, of which 21 kilometers have been completed and put into use, to play a good source of emissions and process control in the role of typhoons and storms a week ago.

   Sponge-type water-permeable pavement road and sidewalk non-motorized vehicles, permeable paving rainwater can be quickly penetrate the surface, reducing the amount of rainwater into the rainwater pipe network. A lot of rain through the permeable pavement, roadside Hansi was introduced, transferred to rain gardens and artificial wetlands, to avoid the rain long stay in the road.

   In Example Lu metallocene path. Lu Mao road construction sponge using permeable paving, eco-porous fiber cotton, rain gardens, Hansi and other facilities, before the drainage port is also provided to further purify stormwater wetland.



Hansi and roadside rain gardens

   The Lingang University City District has also implemented a sponge to enhance the project, with part of the water problem on campus Research about the sponge and enhance the landscape needs, the school teachers and students auspices and participation into practice, to simultaneously cut and purify rainwater, to solve the problem of reducing water pollution runoff into the river from the source.

   Meanwhile, in Parks newly reconstructed pilot port zone 500 hectares 40 kilometers Xinkaihe channel, new regulation and storage lake 51 ha, these water purification systems engineering in normal play, and while adding aqueous when heavy rains flood storage lakes to provide more than 90 Articles of the regulation and storage capacity of the pilot area, which greatly improve the ability to cope with heavy rainfall pilot area.



constructed wetland

   multi-angle comprehensive real-time monitoring of the operation of the

   It is worth mentioning that there are sponge port city of wisdom management and control platform , set of hardware and software systems monitoring equipment for one, including integrated station, shore stations, network flow meters, gauges, monitoring system, decision system, provided Shi Yunwei system.

   management and control platform integration "hydroelasticity city" concept in the system construction process, the main use of things, big data, cloud computingA new generation of information technology, cloud computing virtualization platform as the basis, sponges city data center as the core, combined with GIS + Things aware network build sponges city wisdom management and control platform, multi-angle comprehensive real-time monitoring sponge process of urban construction and operation , fusion technology and data analysis techniques through the multi-source data, closed-loop precision management of sponge cities from planning and construction to operation and management, to achieve regional sponges city, and efficient interaction of various departments, each system, each facility, make sponge urban functions are full, long-term play.



Yellow Lake Harbor day Regulating rainwater can receive peripheral region

   "Lekima" can not reach it Typhoon

   The typhoon forecast, the internet using emergency exercise plans, for display as a chart, table, animation, visual control and drainage express scheduling scheme, the scheduling assistance personnel to develop scheduling scheme.

   In response to "Lekima" typhoon, port areas according to the schedule floodgates and drainage, rivers and lakes for pre-precipitation-bit, increase flood storage volume, where the August 8 680 000 before the drain m, 9 August drainage 540,000 m3, 10 August drainage 720,000 m3. Before and after the typhoon, it can be seen through the control platform data, port areas rivers, lake water level change is small, controlled in a stable range.

   With the new film landing zone free trade zone, port of strategic value is more prominent, Municipal General Hospital said it would continue to play a technology and platform advantages, to serve the construction of the port area of 鈥嬧€媡he new film, which will also Lingang successful pilot experience gained promotion to the Shanghai city and the country similar areas.

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