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   industrial emissions of pollution, sewage pollution, chemical pesticide pollution, aging pipes secondary pollution and so increasingly plaguing our lives, "Water 10" The introduction of a more direct reflection of the current water problem urgent, so do not wait for 2020 healthy water to drink, so long time, peoples physical, wait? water purification products are the most direct selection against these problems. So, faced with a variety of water treatment products on the market, activated carbon, water purification tablets and water purifiers, we in the end choose which one is suitable for their own water purification products? Here we take stock of what the choice of Ann Star water purifier three reasons for it.


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   compared to the market has a lot of brand identity, water purification system, but generally only 2-3 grade water purifier Ann star system up to 8-fold purification, the water purifier called "fighter", pp cotton to filter from the composite ultrafiltration membrane then mineralization charcoal, filter layers, blocking off the water sediment, rust, color odor The organic particulate impurities, bacteria and viruses, heavy metals and the like, accuracy of 0.01 micron filtration, leaving only minerals, adjusting the PH value of water, so water taste better. And the widespread use of charcoal in life, compared to charcoal filter, coconut shell particles An American Star water purifier activated carbon with high technological content and greater surface area and adsorption capacity is 5-10 times the charcoal and charcoal adsorption of impurities in the water capacity is 5-10 times that of ordinary charcoal, charcoal. Compared with ordinary water purifier, a safe Star while clean water, no secondary pollution, is purely physical filtration, belong to the "energy saving" water purification products in the true sense.

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