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   summer temperatures soar, the demand for drinking water becomes larger, due to the concept of healthy drinking water more deeply the hearts of consumers, water purifier quickly occupied the home appliance market peak, water purifier with its simple, easy practical, reasonable quality bid characteristics, household appliances has become one of the summer down summer essential.




continued to hit the water purifier market prospects for substantial

   water purifier market continued to hit

   Although the golden season began to water purifiers soon, water purification equipment, but now businesses are already "in full swing." With the arrival of the dog days of summer, daily household water consumption is gradually increasing. As a result, a number of appliance stores, dealers have launched promotional activities related to earn the eye. In response overwhelmed by selling, brand manufacturers have given a great deal of price concessions to the United States, for example, had about 4,000 yuan a reverse osmosis water purifier, and now the basic price remained at 2,500 yuan.

   The surge in summer water use, water purification equipment contrarian is the root cause of the outbreak. With the improvement of living standards, peoples quality of drinking water has gradually put forward higher requirements, from a certain extent, water purifiers for families has become almost standard.

   Large cross-border firms to seize the water purifier market

   As the hot summer, water purifier industry has also ushered in a rare outbreak. Recently, a survey data show that in the case of the overall development of the home appliance industry doldrums, the Chinese water market in the first half of this year the growth rate is still 40%. Such a large market space, many large companies willing to get involved in cross-border.

   From 2011 nine Yang, TCL, 2012 years of clean water sources and Pentium 2013 joined Haier, Gree, Vantage, and a series of the Four Seasons song Mu appliance manufacturers, so that the water purifier market has entered a " Flowers "market situation. According to incomplete statistics, in 2014, domestic water purifier business has grown to more than 4500, and every year the number is still 30% -40% growth. However, even big brands gathered, there are still many SMEs first to enter the field of water purification, in addition to seeing the future market prospects water purifier, the higher their profits but also to attract a big reason.

   However, due to the country and there is no uniform industry standards, resulting in uneven quality and water purification phenomenon artificially high prices, but also consumerFees are for water purification awareness is not high, so relatively speaking, in the huge market cake, industry loopholes still hamper the further development of the water industry.

   purifier year large popularity

   now, with optional type hot water purifier, water purification equipment is also increasing. It is understood that this year is the most popular reverse osmosis water purifier, 80% of consumers purchase price of 2,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan machine, usually water system of the machine at this price to meet ordinary family drinking, cooking needs belonging to four filters, and the use of more advanced reverse osmosis membrane.

   Meanwhile, there have been on the market price is set at around 5,000 purification, heating, cooling, one of the ice making apparatus, since the functions, and taken outside the heating, avoiding the internal storage of the machine water thousands of boiling water and the situation appears, in addition to look gorgeous, so it has been recognized part of the high-end crowd.

   In this regard, the industry believes that the popularity of water purification equipment market will enter the first year of explosive growth achieved in 2014. According to the relevant monitoring data is expected in 2014, water purification equipment retail sales will reach 5.58 million units, up 55%, the market size will reach 13.6 billion yuan, an increase is expected to reach 70%.

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