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   As contamination of drinking water resources, water purifiers for people also have a new awareness, especially now that it appears the frequency of home water purifier is more higher and higher, and in fact for the water purification industry, there is no threshold for how much, and for the price there is a big difference, the majority of people will always ask why some no-name than the price of some brands the low price so much? laymen certainly do not understand them round after round, but for industry professionals is very clear, and we are here for everyone to share in accordance with specific reasons, to see why it would be more cheap no-name household water purifiers.

   First, the service is not the same

   for no-name businesses, will not consider markets and services, so they do not have the professional market as well as technical, after-sales team, and for the market, technical and after-sales are all issues to the dealers, they sell is bare metal, of which there is no service, but also the natural price will be relatively inexpensive, but for the brand, especially Marco Polo Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers such World brand is certainly no such chic, as well as products produced during the time of sale of the need to consider a share of the market, and not only that but also need to consider a consumer satisfaction, from all aspects of conduct to proceed, and these costs later will make the price of these household water purifier brand will be relatively high.

   brand products mostly to customer satisfaction as the basis, without the customer satisfaction it certainly did not affect the brand, more if customers are not satisfied with the situation, that will damage their brand image certainly the product is correspondingly devalued, so for now the brand water purifier, it is the business of the service in the first place, and this implies the need to create a unique brand of service teams, which each items are required to be included among the costs, so, but will make the cost of these products is relatively high, but what if brands and brand-name water purifier business as there is no service this part, it is certainly not high price .

   Second, the quality varies

   We buy a home water purifier is certainly want to buy good quality, good quality and contains two main aspects is a configuration, in addition It is a product of the process, and only have both of which are considered as the most fundamental guaranteeAppropriate.

   1, product configuration

   and now water purifier, brand-name and no-name product configuration table to see how we can better compare, and for its brand-name water purifier of Configuring than brand-name to be much lower, a solenoid valve a pump is not the same quality, which also doomed some of the differences in price.

   2. The process of

   brands pay attention to every detail of the product produced from the initial to the mold assembly after product, then check the spare parts to the finished product are quite stringent detected late and there are the exclusive standard, and for this no-name water purifiers are not, not to mention the standards and norms, and a lot less constrained, the price would surely be lower.

   Finally, there is the most important point, is the marketing services differ, for now, brand-name household water purifiers are no marketing services, because they are only sell products, and how post-market dealers how development, sales, marketing is not to manage, which also determines its price will be relatively low, but these are the need for brands to consider.

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