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  Use a water filter will increase the cost of living it? Publish Web Site: www.watersz.com Published: 2016-03-21

   With the growing popularity of water purifiers, more and more people began to spend a water purifier. But then some people began to whisper purifier made: this waste water than how much water I wasted so high ah? It also pumps water purifiers work all day long is not known how much electricity to consume?

   Indeed, many people are on the water purifier will not increase the cost of living there is doubt, for older people, this is a waste, which also makes a lot of young people want to commit themselves to the difficult.

   before the water purifier answer will not increase the cost of living this problem, we need to understand several features several water purifiers, so as to better help us answer the question before.

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   What is the ratio of waste water? Why water purifier to produce waste water?

   popular terms, than the waste water after the water is pressed through a reverse osmosis membrane water purifiers, water into fresh water and concentrate water, two portions, that is, the ratio between waste water and concentrated water proportion.

   Why will produce dense water Two Water water with it? Briefly, after the water through the reverse osmosis membrane will be separated from the original harmful substances in water, which is part of water; and the harmful substances are entrapped in the reverse osmosis membrane, if regular cleaning does not only affect subsequent reverse osmosis membrane purified water water quality, will seriously shorten the life of the film, this time for flushing the reverse osmosis membrane water is concentrated water.

   First, it is pure water produced waste water purification in order to ensure water, the second is to extend the life of the membrane, reduce the cost of filter replacement.

   does not increase the chance that using pure cost of living it?

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   will not increase the cost of living that is based on personal habits to decide!

   Since the water system of pure water is relatively slow speed, generally used for powdered milk or tea drink. If you use such a state, and to a family of three 10L water intake to calculate effluent month because of extra costs 7 dollars (Shenzhen tap one price), and waste water machine can be used to flush the toilet , mopping the floor, so the actual consumption of water and not too much.

   Of course, if you bring pure water washing vegetables Han ~ ~ ~As I did not

   As for electricity, water machine usually in the water system will consume more power, are other times in the standby state, the day was less than 1 degree electricity, using cost (assuming consumption of 30 kWh, a side water total 37 million) with respect to the purchase of bottled water (assuming 20 yuan a barrel, the barrel 3 month) nearly 50% cheaper. Plus all three filter replacement costs 850 yuan (RO membrane 400 yuan + other four filter replacement three times the price of 450 yuan), but also saves nearly 1,500 yuan more than bottled water.

   In addition, water is one of the substances the body indispensable, pure drinking water is healthy line of defense to ensure you and your family. Drinking pure drinking water can reduce the number of diseases because of water into the sky, not only eliminates the need for a large amount of medical expenses unpredictable, also drawing a peace of mind!

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