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Jim Ellis, he came to China more than ten years, ten years he focused only on one thing - to provide users with the best water purification products, so Chinese water industry remember this from the United States "Chinese people clean water." As a US company specializing in the production of clean water, Paragon came to China in 2002, either from scratch to develop, with the strength of the forensic service commitment Paragon hundred percent.

   adhere to provide users with the best water purification products

   from the United States of "Paragon" water purifier brand, we have made great progress in China, advance with the times, with Western financial, inclusive and build. To "create a better life" for the purpose, Paragon will have to provide Chinese consumers to health, safe drinking water and water for life and work in the water industry, whether in the market or in the area of 鈥嬧€媝roduct development, Benro Ken will accelerate the development, improve the technological innovation capability, improve customer satisfaction, corporate social responsibility. Paragon is always careful study of drinking water purification technology to purify drinking every drop of water consumers.

   "Paragon water purification equipment Limited" is a worldwide manufacturer of water purification equipment. In 1988, the company set up headquarters in Florida, USA, in April 2002, Paragon came to China in Xiamen Free Trade Zone set up a "Paragon water purification equipment (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.", and set up factories in Zhongshan, in the same year July in Shanghai, China set up a marketing center, committed to bringing healthy clean living water for the Chinese consumers.

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