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   To further enhance product quality water purifiers, water purifiers to improve brand reputation, a few days ago, Rongshida water industry product quality management company held a training session on the regulated product quality, management systems, inspection standards and other content comprehensive, comprehensive training.

   any training session conducted by Sun Xiaofeng, general manager of the water purifier manufacturing center, responsible for the quality of the core sectors of construction technology department, purchasing department, warehousing department, production department, quality department and other study participants. Training the focus on product quality management system and the implementation of standardized two plates expand manufacturing center, general manager of Sun Xiaofeng tackling technical, procurement, production, quality control and other key aspects of the detailed anatomy of the core elements of quality management, puts forward measures to enhance the quality of management methods. Sunzong Jiang stressed that this year the State Council issued a document for the first time proposed the establishment of "China Brand Day", the Government attaches great importance to product quality important performance, manufacturing centers and departments must practice strict quality management system, good supervision of all aspects of good quality mark for marketing, service and lay a solid foundation. After the


   training, the department heads were discussed in depth, combined with the actual departments on how to effectively implement quality management systems to express their views. They have said that more strictly implement the main responsibility in the future, and comprehensively strengthen quality control, quality control potential threat to its own links to further regulate the purchase of raw materials, standardization of production, product quality testing, product quality tracking and other aspects of operating procedures further improve the quality and safety control, build quality, contribute to forging brand of charm.


   Rongshida insist on quality in production and management as the core, obtained remarkable achievements in terms of quality brand building. On the one hand the introduction of advanced water purifier automated production line and testing lines, to ensure adequate quality; on the other hand, to carry out a top-down quality, standard training, the quality of ideas to implement in the first-line production operations, adhere to the standardization in the production, management on the use of zero-defect management, from material procurement to production, testing, packaging, and logistics and other every step of strict standards of professional practice. With superior product quality, upgrade the quality of the brand Rongshida in Anhui Province was selected engineering education practice base, and has won the "National Quality Inspection and stability of qualified products", "consumer satisfaction with the brand", "Chinese drinking water 10 companies" and many other awards, in terminal market with a highReputation, market share rising. Quality-oriented, innovative, Rongshida will continue to build excellent quality, superior performance products, as more consumers with quality water purification services.

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