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Starting today, several well-known electricity supplier for the "October" National Day Golden Week promotion in full swing, a full half a month earlier than usual time. Reporters learned in the interview, including a plurality of categories of household water purifiers, digital products, baby products, cosmetics, etc., all within the scope of the promotion, and many commodity sales prices also hit a new low.


Golden Week is an annual consumption boom, the citys busy office workers who take advantage of this solar terms "big binge," to satisfy my long standing desire to shop. And this is also the time when businesses are discounts, in order to strengthen brand reputation and visibility, major manufacturers of products sold at lower profits. Reporters from the Shenzhen official Hansi Dun water purifier has learned that the Hansi Dun water purifier for the National Day promotions do plenty of preparation, not only with the products will offer discounts, but users also can try, after purchase.


"during the National Day is a consumption boom, as the water purification industry new appliances, not just to be able to benefit. Business emphasis is to do long-term, the development of domestic water purifier at a time is not very long, many consumers are water purifiers do not know, so we would like to take spending spree during the National Day to raise awareness of our water purifier, so that more people know Hansi Dun, so that more consumers understand Hansi Dun. "[ 123]

   reporter in an interview that the annual National Day Golden week appliance sales, both because of the intense competition to attract the attention of many consumers, purchasing power has also been fully released. "Opened two weeks ahead of the National Day Golden Week promotion curtain, this is the first time." Hansi Dun relevant person in charge told reporters yesterday, "on the one hand is the competitive pressure is relatively large, water purifier dealers include some of each entity hundred stores, hypermarkets are concentrated heavily promoted before and after the Golden week, so start early sales year after year. "According to the reporter, promotion battle ahead, there is a reason that this year all kinds of suppliers of promotional resources are relatively abundant , promotion of the will is strong, another promotion launched in advance, can take advantage of these promotional resources, bring tangible benefits to consumers. According to another report, the National Day Golden Week promotion will continue until a period of about two weeks after the holiday, consumers can calm "shock."




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