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does not need to drink plenty of water when taking all drugs. Some drugs because of their special way of acting, taking not only can not drink plenty of water, not to drink water, otherwise it will reduce the efficacy, loss of therapeutic effect. The following drugs should not taking water; acute coronary drugs: treating sudden cardiac disease most commonly used rescue medications, including drugs such as nitric acid lipid nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate, etc. can not water delivery service, but must contain clothes. This is because swallowed nitroglycerin absorption process must liver, most of the nitroglycerin is inactivated in the liver, so that reduced efficacy. And the nitroglycerin under the tongue, the tongue has many blood vessels, nitroglycerin easily melted, melting the drug directly into the blood, not only the rapid onset and high efficacy. Stomach: Certain drugs for treating gastric cancer stains, multiple suspensions were made, after entry into the stomach undissolved numerous fine particles, su as powder Gan helmet covering the damaged membrane, so that a film of gastric He from stomach acid can erode slowly grow new tissue and restore its original function. Kang 1 fruit drink more it will dilute the drug when taking these drugs, the cover on the damaged gastric mucosa to reduce drug particles, thin protective film, thus losing the therapeutic effect. And, after taking these drugs within half an hour and do not drink water, drink plenty of water because a short time, the same protective film formation will just wash away the damaged stomach membrane cat re-exposed to corrosive stomach acid in. Antitussives: Common acute bronchitis e.g. syrup, brown mixture, honey refining Loquat ointment pharmaceutical Creek more thick, the medication would be attached to the throat Hz, directly on the lesion, forming a protective film, thereby starting to cough anti-inflammatory effect. If too much water to drink active ingredient, the drug will wash away the pharynx, the local concentration of the drug decreases, the influence the efficacy play. If you feel dry mouth, should drink half an hour after taking the drug. Bitter stomachic: The use of compound gentian tincture bitterness, by the tongue taste receptors, reflex promote gastric secretion to encourage appetite, it is not appropriate to drink more water, so as to dilute the bitterness affect the efficacy. Above are taken from "Safe Drinking Water and Drinking Water Science" Impulse home straight drinking fountains, tap water can effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful substances, retain beneficial calcium and magnesium ions and trace elements helpful, useful life 6-8 times that of similar water purifier. Small volume machines, small footprint. To provide for the family health, clean drinking water!

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