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  618 water purifier carnival Walter enjoy non-stop publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-06-12618 activities have already begun for some time, water purifiers carnival is also heating up in the face of each brands escalating preferential benefits, consumers are more brand value and cost-effective, Walter during this period to launch the "clean water carnival feast" has been widespread concern. It is understood that during the June 2018 1-20 event, the whole three-year warranty, 5-year parts warranty *! Either preferential or quality assurance, seemed full of sincerity. Do you think this would be finished? No, to buy a certain amount of Walter V-15 water purifier during the event, also presented a pre-filter. Walter V-15 water purifier using a new generation of long-term reverse osmosis membrane saving, saving a new generation long-acting reverse osmosis membrane 2: 1 * 1 Low waste water, water-saving and efficient, more environmentally friendly greater flow, fresh with good water access with the check, upgrade unleaded leading * 2 provide healthy drinking water protection. Five reverse osmosis filtration, water filter out heavy metals, chlorine, impurities, guard you and your family safe drinking water! Walter in water purification technology industry leader, presented the pre-filter can effectively filter out sediment in water large particles of impurities, microorganisms, rust, red worms, suspension. Flushing filter is also very convenient, without having to remove, to open the valve. Compact pre-filter to remove impurities, and let the water return to the original purity. All along, Walter "net" heart study, so that consumers can rest assured that drink water, like the online consumer users, the Walter 618 "clean water carnival feast" has become the most talked about events of the moment One. With a super-affordable prices, improve the quality of drinking water a person, why not?

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