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   In recent years, clean drinking water is a food safety risk monitoring and supervision and sampling in the lower passing rate sampling food varieties. Municipal Food and Drug Administration to clean drinking water (mostly bottled drinking water) as this years food safety special rectification "rest assured that action" focus on job content, in 7-- clean drinking water production and marketing season in August, production enterprises, wholesale , water station and other key units to carry out targeted sampling, found that some of the products in question, failed mainly as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which is a common opportunistic pathogen, may not be seized in accordance with national drinking water standards out. For a range of problems found, the city Food and Drug Administration has taken a series of measures.


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   Specific measures include: First, tracking and monitoring, investigation and unqualified sources. For manufacturers of water, water tanks, recycling bins after cleaning, and many other aspects of the finished product were sampled test, found part of the enterprise may be contaminated recycling bin. Second, quality analysis, to find the reasons for failure. September 28 City Food and Drug Administration convened industry experts, business representatives convened product quality analysis will analyze the reasons for failure, proposed rationalization recommendations for improvement.

   City Food and Drug Administration is still October 18 held the citys drinking water production enterprise management personnel special training, 80 manufacturers of 91 food safety regulators participating in the training. Training designed to guide enterprises to eliminate hidden problem, and urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility to ensure the quality and safety of products. At the same time, city and county (district) supervision departments at all levels involving substandard products manufacturing enterprises, business units are carried out on-site inspections. Some manufacturers have not continued to maintain the permit review requirements, the production of non-compliance of environmental conditions, regulatory authorities have issued a rectification notice, serious ordered to suspend production for rectification. Individual producers of substandard products found in the market sectors sampling, site inspection, production process control more standardized, every batch of products manufactured before the test, so that inspection before the factory sales, production enterprises to extract the same batch of reserve samples and recall products after test for qualified, do not rule out the market due to improper storage and transportation links operating drinking water contamination, it has urged enterprises to strengthen dealer management training to ensure that storage conditions to meet the requirements of the marketing chain.

   Next, the city will further strengthen the Food and Drug Administration sampling involves monitoring for early failure of pure drinking water production units, following evaluation of its product quality and safety conditions.

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