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   often drink water, so in the choice of glass, we will be extra attention, what good glass material, mainly based on our needs and glass quality and materials.




to drink water, we first think of the cup, the cup is living among us more, including many of the glass material is more, for example, frosted glass, ceramic cups, stainless steel cups, etc. Here are some glasses. Drink plenty of water should be the first choice is glass, that would be more secure, we also think of glass, but glass is easily breakable, will have a different nature when cold and warm-up. So what kind of material the glass is good? 2020-06-04 small as we please in detail to explain.


The first is glass, glass is a more practical safety glass, burst can be prevented, but we should note that the glass is most afraid of thermal expansion and contraction, when the temperature is too low, the glass can not be immediately pour hot water, so it can prevent burst.


in the family little knowledge of drinking among our most common it is glass, but in addition to the glass, we will come into contact with the ceramic cup. Ceramic cup cups glaze color is mainly the best, because the ceramic mug is a colorful glass, bright colors tend to be a lot of female friends love but we must note that those bright colors will paint there is a huge risks, especially in the inner wall of colored ceramic cup will be coated with a glaze, which will produce a chemical reaction directly, will cause some harm to the body.


stainless steel cups and our daily lives the most contact with the glass, but when using a stainless steel cup, we must pay attention to the drinks can not be filled with the acidic, when used in stainless steel cup is relatively strong, and and relatively durable, and corrosion resistant, stainless steel cup but belong alloy products, if used properly, will be released directly to the metal material out of harm to their health.


our lives cups also very common cup, the cup is a one-time, so the cups in the market which will be divided into three categories, one is made of white cardboard, second is waxed paper cups, and the third is to produce chant, that the use of paperCup when we must understand the details of the paper cup material.


than we are talking about the choice of glass, here we suggest that you select the glasses, be sure to choose food grade glass, glass shape and color is more common, and by many people like it, especially in outdoor work and office workers crowd, the choice of food-grade glass that has certain advantages, but the glass will be marked with the production number of the glass will be different there are different qualities. These types of glass mentioned above are common, we can go to choose a different glass.




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