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   unboiled water, it refers to the non-sterile filtration treated water, such as rivers, streams, wells, reservoir water, etc., so often drink unboiled water, what harm? So let Xiaobian to introduce the relevant knowledge of it.




whether the raw water is safe to drink it? The answer is certainly not, in varying degrees contain a wide variety of parasites harmful micro-organisms and zoonotic raw water is very harmful to the human body, the following Xiaobian we have a bit drunk unboiled water What harm it.


to drink unboiled water is likely to be hazardous to health, Kobayashi recently reluctant to eat, but also occasionally nausea and vomiting. At first I thought it was a cold, the body may recently yellow, to the hospital were identified as infected with the hepatitis A virus, the cause is often raw water, the CDC thus reminded the public that water is one of the main route of transmission of hepatitis A virus, do not drink directly unboiled water.


In industrial cooling water, circulating water in order to prevent biological slime generation, to control the number of heterotrophic bacteria in the circulating water does not exceed 500000 / mL, and therefore, for the make-up water as the circulating water filter system water also need to disinfect place. In the desalination water treatment system, in order to prevent bacterial contamination of the ion exchange resin is also required for its sterilization of raw water. In addition, sterilization can also remove water chromaticity. The method of water disinfection can be divided into two chemical and physical. Physical sterilization methods heating method, an ultraviolet method, ultrasonic wave method. Chemical methods chlorination, ozone treatment, metal ions and other oxidants method or the like method. Among the most widely used method of chlorination, since the chlorine strong sterilizing power, inexpensive, simple equipment, easy determination of chlorine; facilitate dosage adjustment, etc. it has been widely applied.


chlorination, using chlorine addition, there are chlorine compounds, such as sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, chloramines to chlorine dioxide in waterworks abroad recently a widely used - this is a more strongly than chlorine oxidation of the oxidizing agent. Disinfection may also be non-oxidizing biocide, such as chlorophenols and quaternary ammonium disinfectant compound. Abroad recently developed methylene thiocyanate, dodecyl guanidine hydrochloride, organic bromides, and the successful development of the domestic NL-4, SQ8 are all effective disinfectant. In addition, the early use of a copper salt, such as copper sulfate and other biocides, sterilization which belong to this chemical process.


Xiao Bian remind you of water throughAfter heating, the chlorine can be released out of the water, reduce the harm to the human body, so we do not drink tap water, while some households to accumulate more knowledge of small drinking water, in order to ensure the health of themselves and their families.




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