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   Select RO reverse osmosis water purifier, but the face of the electricity supplier in dazzling RO reverse osmosis water purifier, how to choose? They have what difference does it make?

   are equally RO reverse osmosis , but may be classified into the following:

   1, kitchen storage tank has the following formula

   in fact, in fact, refers to a flow pattern RO water is generally a low concentration of water is high concentration flows, water Once pressurized, will flow to the high concentration of low concentration, the so-called reverse osmosis principle, but the pressure is not enough, a small amount of water after filtration, in order to solve this problem, it adds a storage tank, I think it is time to use purified water We can not worry about less water. However, this way there is a storage drawbacks, is stored more than 24 hours the water formed in the barrel of secondary pollution. However, due to the low price, buy a lot of people, you can reference.

   2, the outer tank without kitchen formula

   with respect to the outer tank without the kitchen water purifier, not only save area, but also to ensure that the contact with the drink with fresh pure water, this water purifier on the design requirements are higher, the price will be a lot more expensive, people choose to become a higher budget target, forgot to say, I said earlier the two water purification products have a common the advantage is that it is installed in the cabinet, on the surface of a pond can be more beautiful, but a common drawback is to install a lot of trouble, have to ask the people of the house to install. The first relatively small series recommend this no more storage bucket.



   3, no storage tank on kitchen formula

   In order to reduce installation, buckets secondary pollution, leakage problems, manufacturers have introduced a mounting convenient, integrated water system to prevent leakage of water filter on the kitchen, millet released last month, is this form, it has the advantage of filter effects, without storage tank, less waste water; its disadvantage is the need on the desktop on account of the position of A4 paper size, and will pick on the water faucet, it is not so beautiful. Considering the water quality with the price, very small or recommendation to buy.

   4, desktop free installation

   This desktop is not the same with millet, and no need to take water, there is a sink, you need to regularly add water inside, so water purifiers I actually have experienced, similar to the principle of early household can own filtered water dispenser, but this water purifier filter some more high-end, filterAfter the water is very clean, you can always move to carry, and it does not need to discharge waste water is filtered cycle, when you think of the high concentration of water in the tank to be drained, the advantages of such products must be free to install, mobile, water quality is also good, the disadvantage is that you need to manually take water, will sink the other is secondary pollution, need to be cleaned regularly.

   5, various ways of water

   Fifth purifier may be the kitchen in front of that formula, the formula may be the kitchen, which is characterized by the water can be selected , water, pure water two to three water way. Clean water is not mineral water, but the water filter under a simple, straight or can not drink, but the cooking, soup can be used, that is, any impurities are not pure, you can drink.

   Summary: At present several common forms of RO reverse osmosis water filter gave you about, you can choose your own based on your home water purifier prices and concerns, of course, we also hope that manufacturers can the introduction of better technology, we meet water purification, but also in the installation, water leakage, noise, water flow, doing some of the more perfect and beautiful.

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