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   Spring is the season of high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases, school personnel-intensive, is an infectious disease-prone sites. April 4, Changsha Municipal Health Bureau of Health announced a comprehensive supervision and law enforcement to check the results of eight innings straight pipe schools, some schools appeared in the case of health technology inadequate staffing, inadequate drinking water protection facilities.

   in March, Changsha comprehensive health planning supervision and law enforcement bureau of Changsha City Bureau of Education Kindergarten Plus Park, Changsha City Bureau of Education nursery Hengda Park, Changsha City Experimental Primary School, Seremban Datong District, two small, Changjun Bilingual experimental school, High school Attached to Hunan Normal University, Hunan Normal University, Hunan first Normal University campus Dongfanghong eight innings straight pipe schools were strict inspection scrutiny.

   in accordance with the "2017 older Shashi school health supervision program," The inspection includes the development and implementation of public health emergencies and infectious disease prevention and control system of the relevant circumstances, schools (including nurseries) Health room, health room settings and school health professional and technical staffing, management of school drinking water.

   From the inspection situation, the Administration Takes good eight schools overall, the development of prevention and control of infectious diseases and drinking water management system, forming a mechanism, set up a morning check, the cause of illness and absenteeism track, recovered reopened registration system. However, the inspection also found that some do not comply with national laws, regulations, standards issues, such as health technology staffing shortage, morning check, sickness absence to register, trace the cause, resume inspection, disease reporting and other measures may not be implemented strictly, to not follow drain kinds of national immunization programs by the kinds of students did not urge replant, incomplete files drinking water management, drinking water facilities, inadequate health protection and so on. For the existing regulatory schools (nurseries) issue, Changsha comprehensive health planning supervision and law enforcement supervision bureau on the spot to make submissions required by the regulatory school (nurseries) effectively rectification, for violations discovered, given the administrative law punishment.

   Next, Changsha Municipal Health Bureau of Health comprehensive supervision and law enforcement, district and county (city) level were linked, horizontal cooperation with the education sector, disease control department, in conjunction with the national "double random" sampling supervision, school health comprehensive evaluation of the work carried out supervision and inspection of the citys school health management, further enhance the overall level of health management school in Changsha.

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