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1 way to bottled water production system is now on sale at present most of the drinking water supply station will take the equipment loaded barrels of water, public places, business units and companies to supply restaurants, this production business bottled water is very similar to the way of production. And bottled water is under production conditions meet certain criteria in order to meet the drinking water health standards for water supply, water treatment processing technology to take certain prepared and sealed in a bucket, a certain shelf life, the batch test after passing the factory, does not contain any additives drinkable water. The survey found that a large number of water supply stations stored bottled water has been good preparation to be sent, in these buckets, some also printed on the bottled water manufacturers of brand identity. There are some standing water drinking water management system is now on sale at the same time, also with outgoing bottled water produced by the other brands of bottled water. 2, water quality monitoring water quality self-test capability weak basic responsibility of the operating company, currently existing operating companies can only conduct water quality testing on their own individual enterprises, but most of the operating companies without detection capability, taking commissioned the inspection method of water quality testing, commissioned by the frequency detection substantially once a month or irregular. Another part of the operating companies (mostly water vending equipment operators) for the production of water purification equipment business, its own and franchisees do not have the appropriate water quality self-test capability. Due to lack of operating self-test capability of the water company, causing the operator can not keep abreast of changes in water quality, water quality to bring great health and safety risks. 3, health poor management of water supply stations although operating company developed a water supply station management practices and health systems, but not according to the regulations, causing water stations for water quality health and safety of employees did not pay attention, but due to lack of water treatment equipment maintenance , water quality testing and other professional knowledge, resulting in water treatment equipment extended "service", not replace water treatment equipment, cleaning and disinfection of drinking water barrels Failing to perform, disinfection caps are not met, the sale of water water records are incomplete and other management issues. 4, water vending equipment lack of effective maintenance of water vending equipment automation all take from the slot to the water, wipe personnel responsible for the inspection of the appearance of the device, and unscheduled maintenance of the water treatment system. However, the device automatically due process water system, water system, water tank full of water downtime, etc. disinfection operation by the machine automatically determined once the water vending equipment failure, the lack of timely treatment, will certainly affect the quality of the water .Also, because water vending equipment is exposed to the weather, and some even placed near the roadside or garbage room, they lack the necessary protection, very vulnerable to pollution and even vandalism, water quality and safety can not be effectively guaranteed. 5, hype, misleading consumers drinking water system is now on sale as a further purification of municipal tap water is through water treatment technology to remove harmful substances in water, improve water quality, but it does not have any treatment of a disease or health function. Part of the system is now selling water production units have a variety of health and promoting its role in the treatment of diseases, such as "activation of cells, energy water, mineralized water, effectively promote human metabolism", is misleading to consumers. Household water purifiers

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