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   January 6, 2019, the sixth China-cum-development of domestic industry will be Chinas domestic industry leaders summit held in Beijing National Convention Center. The festival brought together nearly a thousand industry leaders, through keynote, Summit and other aspects of the 2018 review and summarize, in-depth analysis and interpretation of home opportunities and challenges in the new economic environment.



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   2018, the domestic industry entered a new normal steady development, companies continue product development and manufacturing, business models explore aspects of cross-border cooperation, information technology, big data and other force, to seek innovation and change, and peoples aspirations for a better life has become more intense, with the rise of the new middle class population in our country, how to create a new era with a new home thinking ? This presents new challenges to domestic industry, and innovative companies will also take usher in a new development opportunities.

   at the festival, Chinese New Year Organizing Committee Secretary-General, the development of domestic industry, vice president of the China National Interior Decoration Association Tianwan Liang said that in the past year, companies have begun to head home industry in cooperation with the Internet giant, opened a digital road; home industry today in history node, is ushering in a lot of opportunities, 2019 will usher in the beginning of great change, drive technology will bring new fulcrum, will bring new development spring.

   comes home industry in 2018 and the difficult situation in 2019, the president of the Beijing home Industry Association, Beijing Easyhome Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Lin Peng said that at present, a large home industry restructuring, some enterprises operational difficulties experienced an era of change is normal. About 2019 of development, Wang Lin Peng believes home business to build confidence and return to the nature of the business. To the country, to maintain confidence in the Chinese economy is able to adjust and upgrade consumption; in addition, not only to do business goods and services, solidarity with all partners for mutual benefit, but also to build a team, staff and the team grow together.

   2019 will be the climax of mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions will also be a high incidence of adverse. Well-known economist Yang Zonghua that the face of supply side reforms, corporate restructuring and upgrading in order to be difficult, a real industry need to change the overall structural upgrading of the industry in the past business cooperation in the mutual game, but the economic summit Once past period, the industrial chain of live best companies, there mayUpstream and downstream industries will be able to carry out mergers and acquisitions and integration. Yang Zonghua that the future China will not stop building a house, because there will be two major Chinese real estate just to be, respectively, into the city and just need to improve just need this big home industry has brought potential opportunities for development.


   festival, from 2018 to review and summarize the in-depth analysis and interpretation of home opportunities in the new economic environment, hold two Summit is set off the wave of audience interaction.

   on the "home market barometer forecast 2019" Forum, a gold medal from the kitchen Panxiao Zhen, president of Xiamen, Guangzhou Yi Zhou, general manager of Hollywood off, scholarly ground floor aesthetic CEO Guo Hui, president of Shanghai Feilingeer Wood Liu DY silver del future Chief Technology Officer Yaohong Peng, general manager of Greater China, as well as Grohe / LIXIL Jiang Tao, vice president of Asia-Pacific industry heavyweights six, collectively focus the development of domestic industry in 2019, for the home industry is clear it is overcast or rain started a lively discuss.

   Yao Hongpeng: real estate in the whole structure change, the incremental enter the stock market, there is a large opportunity of change. 2019 Del future of science and technology, the need to do is: 1. Forget the macro-interference, maintain a strategic investment; 2. Good, dare to compete, grow their businesses.

   Guo Hui: market access has undergone great changes, a single channel is very difficult to make a living. For the scholarly terms, to seize the two key points: 1. Enterprises to thin and become more robust; 2. According to consumer spending habits change and innovation.

   Panxiao Zhen: the future will be more concerned about a second-tier cities housing stock market. For the gold medal cabinet, the next to go the international route, Chinese custom home already has a strong international competitiveness, so the big home, intelligence and international gold medal cabinet is the next major strategic step.

   Zhou Yi: There are certain products and delivery capabilities, will be able to enjoy the dividends of industry growth. With the entire customization across from a seller to a buyers market, companies should do two things: 1. Strengthen good job and improve internal organizational capacity and systems across the enterprise; 2. Good job to enhance the product innovation capability.

   Liu DY Silver: the stock is large enough home market, by 2019 there will still be a lot of companies will grow. Industry needs to upgrade and shuffling, China experienced the transition period of structural adjustment and shift of economic restructuring and development, which requires adequate industrial upgrading with the movecan.

   Jiang Tao: the global structure point of view, Asia should still entire global economic engine, China is the most important part of the Asian market. Everyone in the pursuit of beauty of life, so this side of the stage home industry, is in a good development era.

   At present, a new retail is an irreversible trend of new consumer, whether a company has embarked on a home? Whether riding on the beat? In the "new consumer retail new home journey" theme of the Forum, President of P. mousse, president of China, Ren Quansheng Hansgrohe bathroom, cool Kellogg CEO Chen Hang, long-Sheng Zhang Kai, chairman of floor, wallpaper, president of Beijing Oriental Grammy Yang, chairman Xu Wei and forest Star six industry chiefs, have expressed different views.

   of P.: The essence is to build a new retail super users to enhance user loyalty and user stickiness. So, how to create a super user do? 1. Products must be in a very strong sticky; 2. Must not be replaced; 3. So that consumers have the ultimate experience of the product and experience.

   Ren Quansheng: New retail is how to store plus a line under the wings. Now consumers consumption upgrade trend is very clear, more willing to spend more money they believe can improve the quality of life of the product. So, the next line interactive and online is very important, provide a better experience at how online consumers, is a challenge for the future.

   Chen Hang: home industry is a very low frequency, depth changes will affect every generation of people in this industry, this is a new retail concept more three-dimensional. To go endowed by means of technological energy industry, enabling each company, so as to realize the value.

   Zhang Kai: From the beginning regardless of the user where the user needs to now be growing segment, which is the biggest user of a scene change. In the competition getting stronger, the breakdown of the segment to do more, make different solutions for each type of traffic in different populations, making the company able to provide users with the product core competitiveness.

   Yang: For new retail, future market segmentation by now expanded to more among the people, which is required for enterprises to seriously explore piece. Now many people are thinking about how to achieve the integration of online and offline, but more importantly, how to use the Internet thinking, as a customer-driven, to consider the demands of consumers.

   Xu Wei: Wall to customizeTo the leader and the head of the enterprise it is an opportunity, but for small businesses, is a pit. How to get out of this hole, we need to create a new retail chain. New products require new sales, new retail paradigm in need of innovation.

   In addition to the wonderful aspects of topics such as reporting and Summit, 13 industry associations, actually home and home Sina also jointly issued the "2018 Chinas new middle class household consumer price index report." The report conducted in-depth investigation and objective analysis, profoundly explored new trends in Chinese high-end crowd coming home consumption, new look, new direction for Chinas new middle-class families and the demands placed on home consumption.

   "Report" noted that the number of Chinese mainland reached 33.2 million class families, most of them married with children, while they focus on investment, understand the rational allocation of their wealth. They are no longer satisfied "there is room car shopping free" material gain, but pay more attention to spiritual life quality, more rational consumption, compared to the price they are more concerned about the inherent quality of consumer goods and can give them extra value; In addition, the new middle family-tier cities and the largest concentration of new first-tier cities, the high-end household consumption is the most important market.

   "Report" also shows that the pursuit of quality of life of the new middle-class family in the home appliance budget is high, concentrated between 10 and 15 million, or first line at the store when buying household products, especially brand stores; they are not satisfied with the decoration for the basic needs of living, but for space design and decoration quality has a higher demand.

   Finally festival, but also on the personal development of domestic industry in 2018 made outstanding contributions were recognized, leading the field home industry entrepreneurs were awarded the Oscar for the Chinese domestic industry leaders, prominent women, young and outstanding CEO class Chinese domestic industry, "Dayan Award", also issued a leading brand in various segments of the Chinese domestic industry, based conference drew to a successful close.

   It is reported that geese Award has been successfully held five sessions since the awards inception, it has been the industrys attention, promote the development of domestic industry and market prosperity, to guide the healthy development of the industry. The value of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up in 2018 on the occasion, the "geese Award" organized, even more significant, temper forward, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, afraid of Chinas domestic industry practitioners temporary difficulties and innovation challenges, they greatlyBoost the development of my countrys domestic industry forward, the contribution irreplaceable role to enhance the people living a better life!

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