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China Building Materials News: September 12, 2016, by the Shanghai-mao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Beijing-mao International Exhibition Co., Ltd. hosted the "12th China International fresh air system and air purification Industry Expo China good air campus fresh air and air purification technology Forum "opened in Beijing China international exhibition Center.


The same day, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Technology Transfer Center, deputy chief engineer Wang Yue Qu, Deputy Secretary General of Chinese air purification industry alliances, Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Institute of Process Yueren Liang, China Educational Equipment Association School Support equipment management Branch and vice Council Liu Ziyu, Chinese Center for Disease Control environmental health and Related product safety researcher wearing self-celebration, Chinese air purification industry alliance Secretary-General Deng Gaofeng, China childrens charity relief Fund special fund primary health providers love with Qin, Shenzhen However, large new wind Technology Co., Ltd. Limin, general manager, deputy general manager of Yuanda air Commodities Ltd. Yang Fei, Beijing-mao international Exhibition Co., Ltd. Mr. Yan Hui, general manager of the industry such as professors, experts and well-known business executives attended the opening ceremony and speech, common wish the healthy development of Chinese air purifier market. Exhibition site, a large number of air purification industry leading enterprises showcases the latest technological achievements and high-tech products.


绗?2灞婂寳浜噣鍗氫細寮€骞曞吀绀? style=


鈻?12th Beijing Net Fair opening ceremony


Broad, Yadu, net US official, 3M, Westinghouse, climbing technology, Walter, sweet wind, love Starwood, Woods, Branch Rui race, Nas blue, AAVI Yahweh, Haydn, Royal blue, Ashley Mann, a large natural fresh air, six stars, Kings environmentally friendly, Hall, Noah ranking , more than 270 domestic and international air purifiers leading brand in Zhejiang Yusheng, Friends of the ear, complex-technology, Hung Ling and Chinese air purification industry alliance, an air purifier (China) industry Alliance Pavilion, etc. gathered in Beijing to showcase the worlds leading cleaning products and technology.


from the exhibition site, the new air purification industry to seize the upstream and downstream enterprises to actively promote the highest point, showcasing the latest products and technological achievements.




鈻?ambitious clean air products bring new fans at Beijing Net Fair



鈻?complex-technology to bring "all aerobic clean air system estates "peruse



鈻?Hunan six stars the latest residential and commercial new fans to show



鈻?Haydn new wind series of new products unveiled Beijing Net Fair

   [123 ]

   鈻?Hall of fresh air products unveiled



   鈻?large natural fresh air at Beijing net Fair



[ 123] 鈻?"One product space" products




Blueair锛堝竷椴侀泤灏旓級浜浉鍑€鍗氫細 鈻?Blueair (Royal Blue) net Fair debut


In addition, the current the show also reflects the hot air purification industry is still the focus of consumer concern. With the growing popularity of air purifiers knowledge, more people chose to look at the focus on user experience and more cost-effective products.




娴欐睙鐢滆湝椋庝骇鍝佸睍绀? style= 鈻?Zhejiang sweet wind Products




鐖辫揪灞嬩骇鍝佸睍绀? style= 鈻?love Starwood Products


[123 ]


鈻?Zhejiang Yusheng Liang phase 娴欐睙瑁曠洓浜浉




鈻?Kings environmentally friendly carry "Yixiang national colors" air purifiers show 鏅睙鐜繚鎼哄甫鈥滄孩棣欏浗鑹测€濈┖姘斿噣鍖栧櫒灞曠ず




鈻?climbing Technology series sensor Plantower appearance 鏀€钘ょ鎶€Plantower绯诲垪浼犳劅鍣ㄤ寒鐩? style=




ear 鈻?Friends series PM2.5 dust sensor appearance 鍙嬬PM2.5绯诲垪鐏板皹浼犳劅鍣ㄤ寒鐩? style=


[123 ]

   鈻?Friends spike PM2.5 dust sensor series debut

鍙嬬PM2.5绯诲垪鐏板皹浼犳劅鍣ㄤ寒鐩? style= from the point of view of continuity exhibitors, ambitious air products unveiled China for eight consecutive sessions of net Fair, Asia is four times net settled in China Fair, Jia Yi new materials for nine consecutive sessions of net Fair to participate in Beijing, Zhejiang, China Xin Yusheng carrying six consecutive net settled in Beijing Fair, Zhejiang sweet wind 5 consecutive sessions of net participate in China Expo. In addition, six stars, Bruce Royal, Nantong HENGJIA, climbing technology, net US official, Chittagong 鈥?Little Swan, the new Shanghai Xin plastic materials, Guangzhou Hartcourt electronics, Braun through three cats also settled in China for many years Bo net meeting. Comparable period, Beijing Net Fair also attracted a lot of "new faces" to join. However, large new wind, Xin real Albert, Disney, Alikes, love to send things together environmental protection, environmental protection Jingjiang, Jiangsu You spike, global village, qi II zero, are able to debut in Beijing Shuo net Fair. Under a warm response, the industry benchmark position reflects the net Expo this great show and efficient platform.


In the afternoon, by the China Association for Quality Inspection of air purification equipment special committee, Chinese air purification industry alliance organized by Shanghai / Beijing International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Maofa contractors to "fresh air purification 鈥? magazine, net shopping district co media as "air purification machine" and "commercial air purifier" standard Publicizing office, 2nd floor Conference room 226 at the China international exhibition Center simultaneously. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Secretary General of Chinese air purification industry alliance Yueren Liang, vice president of the Beijing Energy Saving and Environmental Engineering Association building on Jinji Zong "Beijing primary and secondary school classrooms and residential development research new wind system," China Association for Quality Inspection of air purification equipment special committee secretary Rui long segment on the "2016 Chinese air purification industry, consumer White Paper", Chinese Academy of sciences Institute of process Engineering, Chinese Academy of sciences Research Associate Yueren Liang, deputy research on the process. "

   standard Publicizing," China Academy of building Research Associate Professor Yang Yingxia on "[ 123] standard Publicizing, "director of the China Academy of building Research Center Deng Gaofeng low-carbon buildings on the" primary and secondary school classroom air quality standards introduced "ecological environment Research Center Chinese Academy of sciences researcher Zhang Zhangbin on" Advances in catalytic technology indoor air " However, the new general manager of Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. Limin wind on "fresh air on campus air quality standard" made a wonderful report.





226浼氳瀹よ鍧涚幇鍦? style=


226浼氳瀹よ鍧涚幇鍦? style= 鈻?226 Conference Room Forum site


the show, by the first in full swing the 12th China launched net Fair Organizing committee, Shanghai industrial technology Research Institute and Shanghai-mao Exhibition service Co., Ltd. jointly organized by trade associations / Union / media agencies strongly support "innovation reviews" contest conducted. Competition is divided into five stages, Sept. 12 to carry out the second stage of the contest (September 11 --12 days) and Phase III (September 12-13 12:00), experts and the audience together for the competition enterprises vote. September 12th is the first day of the last day, also live audience voting expert vote. The fourth stage of the contest will be held at 13:00 on September 13 were, when the contest will be announced the selection results. The firstThe five stages of the afternoon will be held at 16:20 on the 13th floor of building 2 226 meeting room at the China International Exhibition Center, China Net Fair held on time "innovation reviews" contest awards ceremony. 226浼氳瀹よ鍧涚幇鍦? style=

   exhibition site, including Tencent home including a number of media companies and products on-site interviews and reports.


   scene to carry out the visit, procurement, negotiation atmosphere is already a popular, more 12th China good air and Campus fresh air / air purification technology forum, the "new wind primary and secondary purification system design guidelines" and other 7 item groups standard second working meeting, the global air purification industry innovation and entrepreneurship Conference and China net Fair "innovation reviews" contest award and awards ceremony, Kang wind disinfection of medical air purification equipment new listing conference, manufacturers and distributors will meet and scene 1 + 1 matching service activities and other activities. More surprises waiting for you!


   PS: What is China Net Fair?


   Mau Exhibition as Asias clean air purification and air system maximum size of the field, most merchants, radiating the most extensive, highest turnover in industry international professional exhibition organizational unit, the first held since 2009, on display area, expanding the content of the exhibits, held the 2nd year since 2013, in May Shanghai and Beijing held in September, the scale of the previous year by year, visitors doubled, greatly promoted the development of international air purification market exchange and trade market , known as the Asia-Pacific development of air purification industry "benchmark."


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