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   [purifier Invest Water is the source of life. Better drinking water for adults is 2500 ml per day. Sufficient water intake demonstrates the importance of healthy drinking water. But in addition to drinking clean water, more and more people started thinking about how to drink "natural good water", which is beneficial to the human body. According to "China Public Health Drinking Water Blue Book" update data in the data sample surveyed, more than half of people choose to drink mineral water because of their demand for healthy drinking water.


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   drinking safe water has become critical consumers of drinking water.

   Early modern people near water. If they have good moral, bacteria in the water could kill them. It was in an article that the wine culture in Europe is due to poor European municipal facilities and developed, resulting in the flow of sewage. In order to maintain the rich should not be drinking and basic hygiene. Water facilities technology first industrial revolution will spread in Europe, the first time a human means to make hundreds of thousands or even millions of people while drinking clean water, which is a qualitative leap.

   all previous industrial revolution has brought tremendous wealth of human growth and growing demand for quality of living. Just boil tap water is not enough. Water quality is increasingly important component of health. Whether at home or abroad, in every alleged water contamination rumors, the bottled water will be to go out. It has been believed bottled water is more pure than tap water safer.

   Currently, bottled water is purified water, and natural mineral water. The so-called pure water, means containing organic pollutants, salts, water, bacteria and other impurities. Bottled purified water price range between 2-10 yuan. French Evian natural mineral water advanced price up to 30 yuan or 100 yuan. Healthy naturally contain trace elements calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chlorine-rich plasma. Its weak acidity, taste better. Good nutrition are natural water.


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   Alps natural water make people think of "good water" is very pleasant.

   In bottled water tea, milk and other common scenes inconvenient, costly. Emergence of household water purifiers, making it easy for users to drink "water and comfortable" At home, easy to use. Currently, household water purifierThe main water purification technology is reverse osmosis. Representative products for the ecological chain millet rice technology enterprise cloud water purifier. 400 gallons of reverse osmosis filter large flow of immersion. Companies with annual sales of only 1499 yuan, nearly 100 million units, a huge market.

   to meet the users comfort after drinking clean water and demand, along with rising costs and economic growth, water purifiers not only to separate and clean water, but also has a fairly good water and natural features. Reverse osmosis technology allows the feet clean and sufficient water, but also can filter some of the trace elements beneficial to humans and ions. Alps natural mineral water to meet good people think of natural water. Is there a clean water technology, can make the water clean enough, but retain beneficial trace elements while eliminating harmful substances, the original ecological restoration of water

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