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   clean water cup, not a lot of strange, now online store and supermarket are. So it really easy to use it? Water purification cup of soft water do? Look at the introduction of small series now.




In the case of environment has become increasingly worrisome, there are rumors that Beijing a few years ago a college teacher for 25 years never drink tap water or other drinking water, has been in own system of water to drink. This also shows that the people of their survival resources reliability gradually a skeptical attitude. In order to drink clean water started buying a lot of clean water cup, then a cup of water purification soft water do? To doubts, small series to introduce specific.


at home drinking a small knowledge base, small series find such a description: a cup of water purification soft water. Water purification water purification Cup the biggest bright spot is more direct and convenient. Users only need to pour a cup of water, and then sucked out of the straw is a clean water. However, water is a cup of hot water can not be installed.


water purification cup more suitable for outdoor sports, because it is mainly used to filter the river water, lake, water fluoride, bacteria, viruses, etc., go out to play this section of the people to bring the cup to worry about water issues a. Perhaps you will be a little doubt, then a simple process, water purification really clean it? According to its official claim, which the cups water purification efficiency can reach up to 99.9999%, and it has passed the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification, water can be filtered to ensure drinkable.


by the introduction of small series, you are not already mastered the knowledge of water purification Cup is a soft water, soft water if you want to learn more about it and so can refer directly to small drinking water safety knowledge, come to pay attention to small ed article in it, there are many families drinking little knowledge about drinking water safety.




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