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   I recently heard that the rich light cup identify problems that rich light glass liner has a problem, is it really, so rich light glass poisonous? According to this statement for everyone to do some investigation, we do not panic.




I recently heard that the rich light glass liner problems, really worried, because the light is rich with small series of glass, feel good no problem found ah, what is how it happened, rich light glass poisonous it, help you answer.


rich light glass poisonous it, just rich Chinese well-known trademarks, China is the most representative of drinking cup production base, products include vacuum cup series, glass series, plastic cup series. Rich light cup full compliance with national standards, has been exported to Europe and other countries. Rich light glass products, using a number of proprietary technologies, PoolzConnect superb technology, well-made, the use of German imports of raw materials, the use of safer and healthier, more beautiful appearance, toxic phenomenon does not exist.


Tips: Crystal cup and coated on the market are color cup try not to buy, in addition to pay attention to when buying a glass with a flick of a finger, if proof glass crisp sound quality is very good, good quality glass to get a good place to see the light cup transparent and bright, do not see any impurities.


Which cup to drink the most secure? We should be the first choice of glass, because glass during firing does not contain organic chemicals that when people drink water or other drinks with a glass of without fear of chemicals into the stomach to be drinking, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, easy to breed bacteria and dirt are not in Beibi, so people drink water with a glass is the healthiest, safest.


Thank you to our small family drinking knowledge, we hope to be able to accompany all the way to grow, live and for you to answer questions encountered in the study is our responsibility, it is an honor to serve you.




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