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   The hope is that healthy water purifier, but the development of Chinas water purification industry is worrying. In the Chinese Academy of household appliances Lu Jianguo, deputy chief engineers view, "the enterprise more, faster development, low-grade, market chaos" is still the water purification industry development constraints to achieve healthy growth.

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   In recent years, along with increasing the quality of life improved, peoples water purification gave unprecedented attention: buy appliances from selective to supply just to be. Since then, the water purification industry entered a golden period of rapid development.

   Chinas water purification industry seems to usher in the best of times. Only in October 2016, the cumulative total sales of water purification equipment on for more than 20 billion yuan, an increase of 20%. Report estimates the PRC issued believes that the next 15 years the water purification industry compound annual growth rate will exceed 14% of the entire water purification industry will create a one hundred billion big cake in the future. Also based on this, into the "water" sector, as many household electrical appliance enterprises a new "Nuggets point."

   Yes, this means that the water purifier business market ushered in the spring. In industry veteran Shi Dingwei opinion, the amount of investment prospects as China water treatment equipment market can be expected, whether home or business, many companies involved is imperative. Public information, aimed at thousands of companies in the water purifier market, both companies have the professional and technical capacity, including some home appliances diversified, foreign-funded enterprises. In addition, many water purifier company is still in the stage of small and medium enterprises and family workshops.

   water purifier industry market continues to expand at the same time, the brand uneven, complicated installation, maintenance difficulties and many other issues have been hanging over the industry. Among them, water purifier quality has always been questioned. News reports from authoritative media, said AQSIQ had 33 companies nationwide water purifier to conduct random checks and found that actually Sicheng failed. According to a recent story in the work, the State Administration of Quality Supervision since 2014, has organized three national supervision, the results show that the water purifier pass rate of not more than 70%, is a lower level in the appliance industry.


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   How to gain a firm foothold in the Ebb Tide? Environmental protection and efficient water purification products will be the main trend of the development of water purification industry. Specifically, the industry generally believe that high-quality water purifier is mainly reflected in the high purification efficiency, long service life, with good water-saving effectThree aspects. But stark differences and formats cycle is that China water purifier companies did not pull a significant technology gap. As currently a low threshold for the industry, many enterprises to enter the water purifier industry, not to rely on technological innovation, precise pulse of the market, business model innovation and experience "natural selection" law of the jungle.

   of such enterprises "way of life" has become the industrys resistance to progress. But even more noteworthy is that in such a situation the industry, the market waiting for the release of just how to meet the need, who can lead this bonus one hundred billion water purifier market, "Thirteen Five" period? Ding Wei then pointed out "to do the industry leader in the Chinese market, the first insight into the characteristics of the Chinese market, the second R & D team to challenge you to find R & D breakthrough, innovation, research and development to meet the consumer demand for the most innovative technology products . "

   and the development of the water industry, companies must rely on" product development "based. We have insisted innovation, through a comprehensive upgrade equipment to create high-quality and value-added premium brand, will become a water purifier companys future development goals. Fortunately, both veteran players, rookie or new entrants, many companies are from the water purifier "re-marketing" to "re-development", many brands are also on the increase investment in R & D, this is a correct development direction of the industry. Because, with the establishment of core competencies in technology, product quality, water purifier for the health of a companys sustainable development is crucial.

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