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  Price fluctuations around the value is the law of economics, water purifier product value is indeed great, but different types, the utility of different products is also different. Different manufacturers on the use of the core material is still a difference, not just the level of hygiene products, product quality raw materials, more importantly, is the core technology.

   in a new round of national diagnostic investigation, we found that the total net amount of water, waste water pure aspect ratio also there are many brands fail. Here, we focus on the brand water purifier, three or four lines, even unknown brand, but also may occur secondary pollution, heavy metal precipitation, etc., we have not considered.



   Pure large proportion of waste water, waste water too

   Currently most waste water purification ratio is 1: 2 to 1: 3, this pain art machine is pure, but no TD manufacturers, because there is no way are technically solved. From past 2015, after another manufacturers have introduced low-waste, no waste water machine. Back through the waste water is filtered again, or periodic discharge of the way, this will result in reduced life of the membrane desalination rate decreased filtering effect achieving the desired effects.


   Water Purifier Association Zhang Wansheng mentioned that currently hinder the cause of water for further popularization is too much waste, high-throughput low-waste is the development direction, greatly enhance the speed of water, reducing the proportion of waste water, give industry confusion in the business to bring a bright future.

   The total net amount of water need to upgrade

   due to the current product prices are generally high, so in sales, customers generally do not want to tell the real filter replacement in the short term, causing consumers for ongoing maintenance the high cost concerns. But from the perspective of the popularization of the product, water purifier whether the total net amount of water down the target parameter, or a total net amount of water in line with the target to reach by increasing product configurations, or aspects to enhance the technical point of view.

   For example, the current general husk charcoal is charcoal, coconut shell charcoal good thing is, there are better Karl just activated carbon, Ellis was first proposed in the last century and the six practice holes add the number of transition drilling carbon technology has been proven in the processing rate has been a qualitative improvement, water taste sweeter.

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