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With the improvement of peoples living standards, to facilitate quick bottled water by the people of all ages. However, many consumers like heating or cooling by drinking bottled water, but they do not know, after the original drink bottled water, heating or cooling can affect health. Why is this?




After heating the original water of calcium, magnesium and carbonate scale formation is easy, not only affect the taste, are likely to cause deposition of minerals in the water dispenser , the impact on health. Cooling of drinking water have to be careful, because the temperature of the cooling water is generally 0-5 鈩? not enough to kill many bacteria.




In addition, drinking fountains also every six months to a year once it is cleaned and disinfected, if a long time without cleaning disinfection, the water container inside the machine will be a large number of bacteria, deposition of dirt, heavy metals and other harmful substances, resulting in secondary pollution of water, hazardous to human health, causing a variety of digestive diseases urinary system.




in the mineral water already contains more calcium, magnesium and other minerals, a certain hardness, ionic state was at room temperature, these elements easily formed after high-temperature heating new precipitate, and this precipitate will bring the human health risks, so we had better drink after so buy bottled mineral water, do not bother to boil it.




In summary, the bottled mineral water generally should not be heated can be heated slightly, preferably not boil. Also note that clean drinking fountains, so when drinking bottled water, the best way to drink directly consumed at room temperature, and to remember regularly clean drinking fountains.

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