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   for water purification agents are concerned, the most troublesome than their own agency brand water purifier hardly compatible with local markets, water purifiers can not marketable. This marketing dilemma how to break? Want to avoid such a situation, the agents are needed efforts in the following aspects.

   First, water purification agents before joining the water purifier brand, to make relevant market research, choose a suitable water purifier brand, identify the precise location of the store. Many water purification agents to join the novice when water purifier brand, the degree of control in this area is not very mature. In fact, does not determine the location of the store, you can consult to join the water purifier brand regional sales manager. In short, choose the right store location is a good first step water purification agents.



   Secondly, after joining the water purifier brand, and actively study the water purifier brand of product characteristics, understand their product selling point, and keep close company with the brand of water purifier ties, which for the later development is very useful. In general, good water purifier manufacturers will join the new water purifier to do with an event agency, its regional dealer manager will lead the new water purifier dealers do activities. Maybe a lot of water purification agents are not the first time in water purification, but in the business of water purifier brand new start, or to learn the essence of the water purifier brand products, from scratch, fully mastering basic skills.

   Finally, water purification agents operating in the water purifier brand, pay attention to the combination of a variety of operations. Such as store operations, local coalition building materials will, will buy as soon as possible to their own water purifier brand into the local market, so that local consumers to "see." When the water purifier brand has a certain impact on the ground, the company can work with the decoration, engineering collaboration, and so on. Water purifier sales channels is very important, water purifier brand awareness is very important, many consumers still prefer the "local brands" rather than "foreign brand." Water purification agents of the road in general is quite long, you want to become successful water purification agents require more effort.

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