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1. When the inlet and outlet pressure of the reverse osmosis device exceeds the standard described water purifier filter contaminated water flow at or above the design value. As adjusted by the flow pressure is still not solve the problem, you should water purifier filter cleaning.


2. The excess water flow will cause early deterioration of the water purifier filter, water flow and therefore can not exceed the design criteria value. Further concentration of the water flow rate less than the design should try to avoid the standard value, the operation under the rich conditions the water flow is too small, uneven flow occurs within the pressure vessel and due to the reverse osmosis unit will concentrate excessively precipitated in the water purifier filter dirt.


3. The high-pressure pump of the reverse osmosis even a very short time interruption operation of the apparatus may cause malfunction.


4. The hydrolysis of the cellulose acetate film easily cause performance deterioration of reverse osmosis water purification cartridge, for this purpose, must strictly control the PH value of water, the PH value of water supply must be maintained at 5-6, and the compound water purifier filter can be operated at feed water PH3-PH11 range.


5. The application of low voltage is stopped when the reverse osmosis apparatus RO feedwater replacing water in the water purifier filter. This is to prevent precipitation of silica during outage (the water temperature drops in winter it).


6. When an insufficient amount of sodium hypochlorite to the injection of free chlorine in water can not be measured, there will occur slime on the reverse osmosis membrane module unit, reverse osmosis unit will increase the pressure differential. However, for a composite film and a polyamide film is concerned, must be strictly controlled amount of free chlorine into the water filter cartridge, exceeds a predetermined value will cause oxidative decomposition of water purifier filter.



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