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  The introduction of modern staircase of water submerged membrane filtration process so that the number of mountain people drink safe water Hits: 3163 Published: 2015-01-08

an area of 鈥嬧€媋bout one hundred square meters of water plant is located in staircase of the town of Man village stone sheep at the foot of the dam, which installed a new device is as usual, looks do not see what is so special, mounted on a wall about two palm-sized, fine small factory water turbidity meter displays the current water turbidity data is 0.08 9NTU (turbidity) ...... this is a new water plant in the tread of the scene.


this year, the staircase of water to actively promote the "membrane" drinking water well-being of the construction, the introduction of modern technology and equipment, high-tech water purification membrane, greatly enhance the town water supply and quality of water. In the future, mountain people daily drinking water is not only more secure, but also to drink more tap water quality and safety.


in our region as the only staircase of a mountain town, to the dry season in the second half of the year, the town water plant water production reduced, often can not meet the daily drinking water needs of mountainous areas. In order to improve the water, but the problem faced by the local population as soon as possible, the tread of water works actively seek support of District Water Authority, water companies and the region of the town government, invested nearly 300 million, from a new ultrafiltration membrane water plants, use Lianmin village sheep stone reservoir water to produce drinkable tap water.



According to district water company key projects department Shao Shiliang engineer, ultrafiltration membranes used in the tread of the water plant is currently the first set of submerged ultrafiltration membrane water treatment equipment and nanotechnology - by the Hainan liters of water purification technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development of PVC alloy membrane technology and equipment. Shao Shiliang Presentation, water plants and water ultrafiltration plant there is a clear difference in the water treatment process. The former need to build sedimentation, filtration tank and other facilities and adding an agent for water purification and disinfection, high energy consumption, a large area; the ultrafiltration membrane used in water treatment process which is a purely physical filtration to siphon pressure driven water production, low power consumption, small size, without adding any agent, does not produce any harmful byproducts disinfection of weeksEdge environmental pollution, and fully automated equipment operation, without staff on duty, saving labor costs. More critical is that, for water purification membrane pore size of about 0.01 micron product, corrosion resistance and high precision filtration is possible to effectively remove pollutants in water of bacteria, viruses, algae and other biological pathogens, filtration rate up to 99.999%, product water quality is good and stable results, in line with the national "drinking water health standards", especially turbidity of less than 0.1NTU (traditional water factory water turbidity is normal 0.1NTU above, 1.0NTU less), water production is far superior to traditional water quality, in other words, to drink, to completely ensure the long-term residents drink safe water quality.


ladder surface water officials said, the new water plant to start from the beginning of October this year, to late November completed, at present, into trial operation. The new water plant daily water production reached 1,000 tons, can meet the drinking water needs of todays mountainous areas, but also to expand the future demand for aquatic products based on energy. "This is the future trend of the water supply, large-scale water supply plant in our region will move in this respect, will strive to adopt this submerged ultrafiltration membrane water treatment technology and equipment in the coming years, so that the regions people can drink on quality safe water, "Shao Shiliang representation.

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