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   a year, "Zhen Huan Chuan," so in love with Huan Huans Shiro should kill as many melons for the masses relish. Everybody knows that the play of the Yongzheng Emperor Huan Huan deep soul, but do not know off screen by the "emperor" Jianbin is the only pet her -! Lays home water purifier with popular scientific way of life, whether it is ordinary people or big stars, are more focus on improving the quality of life. Take it with water for drinking, the pursuit of clean and healthy water quality has become an important thing in again, of course, water purifiers to join the huge market gradually. However, in many water purifier brand, the big star Jianbin not try to love pleasure house, which is exactly what the mystery of it? Im the baby of the family joy this water purifier made a detailed study to understand this problem it !


   Lays home maternal and child class ultrafiltration water purifier

   in many concubines, the first energy into the eyes of the emperor, there must be a background powerful ministers daughter, right ! also in the huge water purifier market, home pleasure to stand out, but also with her powerful strength and honorable position is closely related to it! When it comes to home pleasure, she would have to talk about the founder of the Hong Kong international homesick, homesick in and R & D infrastructure cooperation many famous universities around the world, the establishment of a water purifier own R & D center, as early as 2003 to have a unique ATME composite core purification process, and first proposed the "good core" whole house water purification program , among counterparts ahead! Lays home thereby build into terminal professional manufacturer of water purifiers, water purifiers and became one of Chinas top ten brands. Such strength is simply water purifier chiefs of it!

   many Qing drama tells us that there is no point charade equally difficult to gain a foothold in the harem, the emperor is so fond of pleasure at home, in large part because it is home joy considerate pleasant it! Lays family has other water purifiers can not reach the level of the fine filter 0.01-micron, five-filter, pure physical purification three seconds fast water, and to ensure that every drop of water fresh and healthy. Even more amazing is that the process of water purification, home pleasure efficient removal of harmful substances in the water, under the reservation of trace elements beneficial to human body, so that mothers and babies can feel at ease comfortable, maternal and child class called net water heater!

   Of course, in many color control hearts baby, Yen value that is just. Originally Xiao Bian believes that home water purifier so much joy, color value is not high, it does not matter Well! Can never thought Shiro had also Yan JianbinControl it! Such a powerful water purifier, Yen value turned out to Leverage! Purifiers silver beige colors to choose from, each of which elegant fashion, the appearance of small, thin, minimalist design, and even the faucet also comes with an elegant swan neck shape, it is sufficient to just enjoy the pleasant, no wonder such a water purifier to make Jianbin also journeying not forget it!

   high quality, high color value, even brand name is quite loud, pleasure home water purifier, water purifier brands star product, even Jianbin could not help but call to fight for her endorsement of it! pay attention to the quality of life you heart it?

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