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   In recent years, with the development of modern scientific research, scientists have become increasingly aware With the increasing environmental pollution, but can not drink unboiled water, then some people say the occasional drink unboiled water should be all right once The following small series will introduce you about what harm the occasional drink unboiled water.




whether the raw water is safe to drink it? Since when humans began to drink boiled water, this is a very difficult to examine the historical facts, but since the birth of modern medicine, the doctor always taken the trouble to dissuade people not to drink unboiled water, because it contains a variety of different degrees each kind of harmful microbes and parasites are zoonotic, direct drinking may lead to acute gastroenteritis, typhoid, dysentery and parasitic infections and other diseases, even if the surface even drink is not enough, here we have to find out the occasional drink raw water what harm it.


in the raw water containing various impurities and bacteria, and even residual chlorine, it can not be directly consumed. In the hot summer drink a cup of boiling water and let cool best, do not drink unboiled water, to prevent the disease. If an occasional drink unboiled water, then the case as long as no diarrhea or stomach pain do not worry, the above-mentioned symptoms see your doctor, to prevent the condition continued to deteriorate. After


Xiao Bian remind you that during the hot summer months, people sweating, the body of sodium and other electrolytes also will be lost if this time without a lot of drinking boiled water to make up the salt will be muscle twitching or muscle spasms pain. Therefore, in the hot summer months, when people drink the best put some salt, you can replace lost salt and water. At the same time, it is best not to drink more than 24 hours of placing water, because if left too long, the water will produce large amounts of bacteria and other substances. People drink fresh water, boil boil 3 minutes of fresh water not only sterile, chlorine in the water and some of the harmful substances also evaporate, while maintaining the necessary nutrients the body of water.


for the health of older people, pure drinking water can prevent blood viscosity. For patients with cardiovascular diseases, in addition to drinking water needs under the guidance of a doctor, choose a drug for their condition, and stick with in the summer, and to monitor their own blood viscosity changes, to prevent ischemic the purpose of cardiovascular disease. People do not drink unboiled water, because the chlorine in tap water and residual organic matter can not boil water interactions can lead to diseaseoccur.


we all have our health is an important issue, especially the method of drinking water, pollution is very serious now, a lot of water, which has a large number of bacteria, which requires that we must have some knowledge of small household drinking water, let us health and family can drink the water.




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