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   has been to cosmetic products for the Chinese people are familiar with the multinational giant Unilever Patio Group Holdings announced yesterday, the two sides will work together to create the worlds largest water purification products base in China. Patio Group is Chinas water treatment industry pilot enterprises, including household water purification products with annual sales of about 1.2 billion yuan. Polman, CEO of Unilever, said the investment in the last decade Unilever is one of the largest M & A projects in China, the deal will make Unilever Patio hold 55% stake, and make Unilever water purification business doubled.

   Yu Jian largest water purification product base

   Patio Group since its inception in 1998, its water purification products are more than double-digit annual growth rate. After the share transaction, Patio, president Ye Jianrong will become CEO of the new joint venture. Patio water purifier brands and Unilevers brands will treasure collaborative development, independent operations.

   water purifier treasure as Unilever heavy bet on new products, now all over 13 countries around the world, officially landed in China last year.

   According to Ye Jianrong said, Patio in the country with more than 5,000 dealers, 400 agents, set up a sound sales and service network. But this cooperation, only about 10% of the dealers will also Acting Qin Yuan Group and Unilever water purification Bao two brands, "Most of the dealers on the money and effort while agents may not be able to both brands. But the future Patio will make the first national brand market share, and water purification Bao will strive to become the countrys top five markets. "

   Before this date the field has staged several local brands were frozen by foreign Investors the problem, Patio and Unilever respects yesterday made a response on this issue. Marui Wen, president of Unilever North Asia is more better development, for example after the Chinese toothpaste managed Unilever, Unilever denied Patio brand will be frozen.

   Ye Jianrong also denied frozen, he said, according to its disclosure, before the acquisition, Patio already done its business separation, Qin Yuan Group, the main residential and commercial water purifier business, and the newly formed holding water Arts the main municipal engineering, sewage treatment, membrane technology market. Ye Jianrong south are reporters yesterday also revealed that water Arts Holdings in the next five years will seek a separate listing.

   Japanese giant has changed the focus of investment in China?

   In accordance with Unilever North AsiaTin Mans vice president saying, water purifier business will be the same as the personal care, food Unilever China and a business, "and hope that the future can become a contribution accounted for over 10% of sales category."

   [123 ] Marui Wen yesterday during an interview, also said, "Although China currently users rarely use this type of water purification products, but the size of this market is about 1.5 billion euros, only about 8% of the population use water purifiers the market is still very large, clean water treasure last years growth rate of over 20%. "According to this figure, the growth rate of the water purifier business has become future growth" engine. "

   days of Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, the Secretary-General Yu Xueling in an interview with Southern reporters said that Unilever accelerate the layout of water purification business in China, or its cosmetics business in China to a certain stage of development, and look for new reflect market opportunities. Ma Jianzhong

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