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   In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, improve the quality of life, consumer demand for increasingly high water quality, water purifier market demand also increased, great potential for development of water purification field, attracting cross-industry enterprises to enter the water industry, water purification products industry is ushering in a period of innovation. But our water purifier market has been low threshold of market access, non-standard production enterprises, resulting in clean water brand was mixed, uneven quality water purification products, water purification products for consumers reduce confidence. Since 2015, I will join Chinese Academy of household appliances, PRC, market research firm, Suning Appliance, home Sina, Tencent home and other authorities and the media industry and excellent water purifier business for three consecutive years to initiate the preparation of the Chinese water industry consumer White Paper, caused widespread concern in the industry, business, media and consumers, has been unanimously recognized and praised. "Chinese water industry consumer White Paper" Chinese water industry is by far the most authoritative, practical consumer guidance manual. White Paper released on propaganda known companies and brands, and promote the healthy development of the industry played an important role, while the popularity of water purification knowledge, to provide consumers with guidance and guiding role in the purchase of water purification products.

   is presented to the public in-depth development of Chinas water industry status quo, to understand consumer demand in the market, recommended outstanding enterprises and famous brands to the community, to guide development of the industry, public health guide rational consumption, China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment professional The Committee will be officially launched in April 2018, "2018 China water industry consumer White Paper" preparation. "2018 China water industry consumer White Paper" people-oriented, based instructional manual clean water consumption, and actively participate in business models and high-quality brand recommendation will drive more companies pay attention to water purification products the consumer market, consumer groups and promote the importance industry norms and healthy development.

   "2018 China water industry consumer White Paper" prepared by the work carried out soon, hope our excellent water purifier enterprises to actively participate, to jointly promote the development of the industry.

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   China Association for Quality Inspection

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