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   With the rapid economic growth, improve peoples living standards, people are no longer just the pursuit of food and clothing, but to promote quality and healthy living. Aggravated water pollution, so that people pay more attention to improving the quality of drinking water.

   In general, the safety of drinking water indicators include five categories, i.e., sensory properties of water indicators, chemical indicators typically water, water microbial indicators, toxicology, water and radioactive indicators water.

   1 sensory properties of water indicators: sensory properties of drinking water is very important. If the sensory properties of drinking bad water, give rise to a sense of disgust and insecurity. Of drinking water standards: drinking water should not exceed 15 degrees chroma; drinking water should not exceed 1 degree of turbidity, and water purification technology constraints to 3 degrees. .

   2 microbial indicators of water: It is an extremely important indicator of drinking water, it is directly related to the health of drinkers. Drinking water pathogens including bacteria, viruses, protozoa and helminths, and parasitic type whose main source of pollution is the human and animal feces, and the water is an important vector-borne diseases. In developed countries, the prevalence of infectious diseases caused by drinking water is common. This may be due to the water contaminated by pathogens, without adequate disinfection, drinking water may also be caused by secondary pollution in the water distribution and storage. Therefore, control of microbial indicators is imperative.

   3 water radioactive indicators: Due to some practical human activity may cause the intensity of natural radiation in the environment has increased, especially with the development and application of nuclear energy isotope of new technologies, it is easy to produce radioactive material environmental pollution problems. So, for drinking water radioactivity indicators for routine monitoring and evaluation it is very important. The total is only specifies the total radioactivity and radioactivity p reference value in drinking water health standards, when these indicators over the reference value, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis to determine the safety of drinking water.

   4 toxicological indicators of water: drinking water contaminated with toxic chemicals to bring people of different health hazards and microbial contamination. In general, microbial contamination can cause outbreaks of infectious diseases, while chemicals cause health problems often due to long-term exposure caused, especially hazardous accumulation of toxicants and carcinogens, and only in the most exceptional circumstances, will The cause acute poisoning a large number of chemical contamination.

   so IWe live in drinking water should not be contaminated, there is running water retention elements beneficial to the body.

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