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   last week, an article entitled "44 City tap water disinfection by-products or detection of digestive tract cancer," the article was a lot of media coverage, it was originally quoted a research project at Tsinghua University - on the country drinking water systems in the census disinfection by-products of nitrosamines, School of environment, Tsinghua University State Key laboratory of environmental simulation and pollution control Research Associate Chen Chao said, "we from 23 provinces, 44 small cities and towns, a total of 155 a point 164 collected water samples, including factory water, tap water and the source water user. study tested the currently known all 9 nitrosamines DBPs, wherein the NDMA (NDMA) the highest concentration. "


楗按瀹夊叏涓嶅蹇借 鍑€姘村櫒淇濋殰鎮ㄧ殑鍋ュ悍

   It is this report will provide safe drinking water once again pushed public opinion spikes, caused a lot of controversy, but also led to safe drinking water panic, safe drinking water, and has become a hot focus of concern to the masses. Many people questioned, we drink tap water safe to in the end, in the end can cause cancer?

   Although there are experts out of the rumor, talk about our tap water is safe, tap water carcinogen, is sensational. Citing a lot of data, to a certain extent, ease the peoples fear of tap water. School of Environment, Tsinghua University, former director of the Institute for Safe Drinking Water clear that Professor Liu Wenjun: study valuable, meaningless speculation. Some media misread the significance of the study. This study is valuable. To put it simply: do not worry, it state (drinking water) is a world-class standard, if the standard is not involved, shows that harm was not as big. Not to cause unnecessary panic. And abroad, the factory is in line with our tap water standards.

   we look at the next set of data:

   According to this survey, Tsinghua University, the data show: the average concentration of Chinese tap water NDMA is about 11ng / L, East and South China, family NDMA average concentration in tap water of around 18ng / L, the average concentration of household tap water in the Yangtze River Delta region NDMA is about 28ng / L.

   Let us look at the standards of other countries in the world

   Health Canada guidance value is 40ng / L, the guidance value of Australia is 100ng / L, the WHO guideline value is 100ng / L.

   If these standards, this survey Tsinghua University, only a very few samples exceeded the standard WHO or Australia, Canada and more than standard accounts for only about 7%.

   If in accordance with WHO standards, the inspection vast majority of the water is safe.


楗按瀹夊叏涓嶅蹇借 鍑€姘村櫒淇濋殰鎮ㄧ殑鍋ュ悍

   Therefore, water carcinogenic, is sensational. But, anyway, this incident revealed safety problems of drinking water, whether tap water does not cause cancer, have passed some negative effects to the public, more or less will question the safety of tap water.

   So, how to protect the safety of drinking water daily? Experts recommend starting from the home terminal, install a water purifier, in order to protect our drinking water safe.

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