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   From the establishment of reverse osmosis water purification industry in a leadership position, in recent years, namely to filter rapidly growing popularity of ready to drink products, water purifiers to join the industry has experienced two outlet. Recalling the two outlet, and both are upgraded by the consumer industry changes caused by demand, so as to realize accelerate the popularity of water purification products. And Now for the water industry, consumers once again made new demands, this time, who will lead the Chinese water to achieve a new leap forward?



   Review of the industry net user experience to be endless blessing

   thanks to years of sustained public water purifier brand water purification science, "reverse osmosis water purification more health "has become common knowledge of consumers. It is understood that the reverse osmosis water purifier filter high precision, filter pore size can be as thin as 0.0001 micron, can effectively filter out heavy metals in tap water, scale, micro-organisms, sediment rust and other impurities, effectively solve the safety of drinking water faced by Chinese consumers problem, protect the users drinking water health, which is the main reason for the reverse osmosis water purifier consumer recognition of the increasing lies.

   but on the other hand, reverse osmosis water purification products but there are some consumers can not be ignored "pain points." "Net indefinitely," is to pursue long-term development of the field of water purification standards, but clean water does not only mean the quality of the drinking water. Experience is satisfactory for consumers to buy more and more to become one of the criteria. Although reverse osmosis water purification filter very high precision, but by limiting the size of the flux, a reverse osmosis water purification filter must be completed in advance and stored in the water storage tank, and then the user at the time of water from the water tank.

   can not do real-time system effluent water, secondary pollution, water is not "fresh" and so prone to problems, causing distress to consumers. In response to this pain point, water started to develop enterprise that is ready to drink filtered water purification products. "That filter the drink" the water more quickly, more fresh water, which is the second field of water purification to achieve the key springboard leap.

   look to the future of high-purity low-waste into the consumer trend toward

   nineteen large recent report, the term "green" appeared a total of 15 times, green development, green low-carbon, green production and consumption of green development concept, green technology innovation system, etc. are mentioned many times, emphatically highlighted. In the field of water purification itself with this "green halo", companies should be more green lifestyle through design, development, manufacturing and the whole production process.

   In the era of collective call for all green, the traditional reverse osmosis water purifier has chosen "not green" side. In the past, there is another major reverse osmosis technology pain points - filtration process must produce large amounts of waste water, water purification become a major problem plagued the industry.

   in under the pressures of the Party and the government, consumers and their own development, water purification business again set foot on the "change" of the road. It is said that the national concern for wading water efficiency products and water efficiency standards forthcoming, then, whether the water purification products and water efficiency labeling efficiency rating will be another important criterion for judging the quality of water purification products, consumers purchase will also add an important reference index.

   Source: China Water Purifier Industry Network

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