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   circle of friends someone said a bad start in 2020, wants to restart the 2020, in fact, home building materials dealers do not be afraid, because after the end of the epidemic, the home building industry will usher in a large outbreak.

   1, the Government will introduce policies to support housing prices, while real estate developers will be concentrated at the end of the opening epidemic:

   After the epidemic is stable, hold back a long time the real estate business, in order to increase revenue, reduce losses, there will certainly be a large number of the new disc concentrated release, Bijing who should return money, who can survive the real estate industry will welcome a wave of a strong rebound, real estate, building materials dealers in the spring is the spring.

   2, married people today than in previous years

   This is the bumper year of marriage, the crown is not new, there are more new crown yes. In 2020, there was a rare day that is symmetric in 2020 February 2, referred to as "20200202", since 2020 harmonic meaning of "love you love you" means, the ninth day of the lunar meaning there is a long long time, a lot of new people want On this day the marriage licensing.

   before many of the civil affairs department issued a notice, at the request of a large newcomer, in February 2 this day to go to work for marriage registration, but due to the sudden outbreak across the country have canceled this decision.

   Although the registration cancellation, many couples re-election days, licensing the time had been delayed, but anyway, this year to get married or more people, the virus ruthless but also to many couples rethink, we never accidents and know which comes first tomorrow, but also to cherish the present moment, quickly into the marriage hall.

   married more people buy home building materials to more people.

   3, the renovation market capacity Charge outbreak

   First, the epidemic will increase the capacity of the entire renovation market, on the one hand is isolated at home when the owners of the original decoration will browse through the network more the renovation program, good to see more space images to stimulate demand so that the owners renovated increase supplementary budget; on the other hand, long home home home improvement make us rethink the pursuit of comfort would spawn partial rectification and existing home renovation It needs.



(Source: Burke whole house customs official website, invasion deleted)

   1, "home economy" will bring market expansion; 2, decoration repressed "lag outbreak" ofBefore the renovation site downtime, decoration materials can not enter the field, the original renovation progress was forced to a standstill, after the outbreak of the epidemic will usher; 3, more people are married, the marriage room needs to be enlarged, the epidemic many newlyweds eager to move into new houses , marriage room decoration market will usher in the explosive.

   4, can survive the competition less

   Not all of the home building business by music and off-site can boil won the "virus winter", lack of adaptability, there is no sense of crisis I do not know to control costs, pre blind expansion and investment companies and dealers will be the first fall.

   the whole house custom or trend, on the one hand there is no pressure on the stock, reduce business risk; two: the whole house custom categories and more, customers can increase their income unit price, increase profitability, share the operating costs, so there is there is the concept of strength, dealers have more confidence in the team survived.

   5, to expand domestic demand and promote economic government

   the impact of the epidemic on Chinas macro economy is comprehensive, the state will introduce a series of policies to stimulate domestic demand and promote economic growth, then it will become the basic necessities national focus industries. The real estate industry is the important support of the countrys economic future also, home building materials industry as the real estate industry downstream enterprises, will usher in a great opportunity.

   (Source: Burke whole house customs official website, invasion deleted)

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