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  Drinking water pollution on our health impacts of: Tim net water purification Views: 298 Published: 2018-10-13 17:17:35 affect drinking water pollution on our health that we have been learning and exploration of the topic. EPA has so far confirmed approxi - mately 35,000 kinds of toxic compounds. But after so many years the detection of contamination, spent millions of dollars for their impact on health, but little is known. Although we know the health effects of pollution, but things are not always one-sided. Because in the detection of this standard to take into account the actual cost. EPA set maximum pollution levels. This risk allowable range of the maximum contaminant level is determined by the actual economic factors to decide. In addition, the current impact of pollution on health is not exact, for the following reasons: a single contaminant does not affect health, but combined with other pollutants and becomes a harmful. Everyone sensitivity to pollution is different. Distance, the substance does not generally affect adults in general, but it will affect people recovering from illness, because they are vulnerable to attack. Some pollution affecting human health in the near future will be revealed. These symptoms include skin rashes, nausea, headaches or worse. But those with chronic health effects of pollution to go through a long period of time before exposure, that has invaded our body is toxic, the consequences are often more serious, cancer, heart disease, nervous system damage, or congenital malformations. Water pipeline across China up to the age of ten years, the pipeline corrosion have been old, in disrepair. Pipeline update for repair, at every turn tens of billions, with limited funds, the improvement seems to be nowhere in sight. Water pipes in the process of conveying the water, because the water pressure is too often caused by broken water pipes, or because of road works, buried in the ground dug base line for no reason damaged, resulting in water infiltration out, and because of the siphon principle, RO caused the outer pipe sewage, infiltration of polluted sediment formed in the water. Further, the wrong conduit section, the user directly to the motor pumping, often resulting in mixed condition wherein the contaminant, the dirty water will damage! Leads to in vivo pathogenic toxins, such as the formation of lesions of the liver and other corrosive water related coffee machine, thermos, silver and other metal utensils Food cooking loss of taste, color, deterioration damage the laundry, such as clothingEfficacy was vegetables and fruits, and to reduce the fuel cost increase cleaners, boil water time-consuming.

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