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   water purifier market is now entering the growth stage, water purifier penetration rate in developed countries is about 70 percent, while Shenzhen, Guangdong, Chinas top place is also only about five per cent, the market has great potential. Some friends have interest to sell water purifiers, pick a good brand is very important to join, after the summary, the problem of some water purifiers to join prone summarized below.

   1, look for differences in brand management

   This point is very important to choose a brand to join, it is best to first understand the other brands of water purifiers nearby establishments operating conditions, while understanding the region characteristics of different water everywhere, the focus will be different, to lay the foundation for the future course of business propaganda. Also you need to understand peoples consumption habits and purchasing capacity, so as to pick a more suitable brand of water purifier to join.

   2, to understand the quality of the product do not look to see price

   is the foundation of a quality product to survive, low-cost low-quality products often last all the energy used in the aftermarket, which is worth the candle.

   3, gimmicks do not look to see nature

   Do not be a number of brands of water purifiers generous concept confused, what with a joint research units, the introduction of the latest technology in Europe and America and so on. These are useless, what really matters is the product, good purification effect, less problems, is the best product.

   4, the characteristics of the product is very important

   in many places water may be relatively hard, or peoples spending habits more focused on certain factors, these are a brand is to survive in the place of foundation careful investigation and selection of targeted water purifier brand, this will be developed as soon as possible.

   5, if there is technological innovation

   water purifier belong easy to imitate products, often also need some marketing gimmick, to think carefully about whether these promising technologies and whether or vitality for a long time, but also a selection of brand focus.

   6, whether to invest in their own could afford

   any investment can not guarantee hundred percent of the money, before investing, please carefully evaluate whether the risk they can afford, do may reduce the risk of operations.

   blessing incidentally has purifier intention to join friends, I wish you business is booming, extra cash.

   Water Yi

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