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   Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold. 2017 Nian December 4 to 5, IMRITA Ai Mate water purifier brand, "Ten Years Dream Future" dealers nationwide annual summit in Shenzhen Longgang District Xiushan hidden star Mercure Hotel held a grand, from across the country More than 300 dealers and elite gathered here to witness this grand moment.

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   December 4 morning, Mr. Liu sent IMRITA Ai Mate purifier chairman, Mr. Liwen Guo Technical Director, Mr. Zhangshao Li, director of quality and brand director Mr. Leijia Chun speak respectively.

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   Mr. IMRITA Ai Mate Chairman Liu sent a first extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the people at home water purifier agents from afar, followed by a review of a decade of growth process IMRITA Ai Mate and he said that in the next years, will be fully launched and distributors common progress and win-win plan, to serve a brand, enhance auto shop image projects, improve dealer promotional activity, open win-win cooperation good situation.

   At the same time IMRITA Ai Mate will integrate all resources, from product development to employee training, from the original design to integrated marketing, to provide comprehensive services and strong support dealers to address their worries.

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special training

   life-long learning, to ensure that dealers have more combat skills, this summit has invited well-known dealers real experts in the home building industry and Tang Lei teacher Pan teacher here to do a detailed tactical dealer family to share.

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agents experience sharing

   Hengqiang not simply pass on, adapt to market changes and become innovative new look will make the traditional glow. December 5 afternoon, Mr. Huang Xinmin, director of Mr. Shi Haitao, director of the North Region IMRITA Ai Mate and Southern region to speak at the conference, pointed out that two directors, as the industrys leading brand water purifier, water purification IMRITA Ai Mate the system has been actively innovation, upgrade product features, optimize the user experience, open up business areas, through a different perspective, with quality and service interpretation IMRITA Ai Mate brand mission.

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awards photo

   The conference drew to a close, IMRITA Ai Mate performance of the year in the comprehensive ability and special ability outstanding dealers held the ceremony, pointed out that while the leadership award IMRITA Ai Mates development and growth without the joint efforts of every member of the family Ai Mate, I hope the presence of all Ai Mate family and prudent, self-improvement requirements, fully demonstrate their own value and achieve win-win situation.

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dealers posed for pictures

   in the future, IMRITA Ai Mate will continue to adhere to the "home service began," the idea of 鈥嬧€媍ustomer service, increase support for comprehensive dealer, listen carefully to comments and suggestions dealers, so that the majority of dealers to get more returns in the process of distribution IMRITA Ai Mate whole house water purification system, hopes the two sides to work closely together to respond to the opportunities and challenges of the market, to seize market share , co-created the new brilliant IMRITA Ai Mate!

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